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At Body Project, we teach a Yoga class in Warrington that is a bespoke mixture of Hatha and Vinyasa. The combination of breath control and movement helps to develop a stronger connection between your mind and body.

Yoga focuses on both strength and flexibility of the body and mindful breathing techniques. This combination is used to boost both physical and mental well being through a series of different stretches, postures and poses. Studies have suggested that Yoga is an effective way to increase strength, flexibility and overall balance. Some evidence also points to Yoga being beneficial to people who suffer from joint pain, high blood pressure and mental afflictions such as depression and stress.

We teach Hatha Yoga delivered in a Vinyasa style. Hatha Yoga refers to the general, physical practice of Yoga. Vinyasa is a more stylistic approach to the practice of Yoga that incorporates a series of poses and moves that seamlessly flow into one another. Our Yoga classes emphasise the natural flow of your body and engage muscle groups in an organic sequence of movements. Although the yoga poses will not change from conventional yoga classes (e.g. downward facing dog and bridge), how you practice the art of Yoga is different. Vinyasa Yoga is performed at a faster rate and requires your breathing and movement to be in perfect harmony.

Our Yoga fitness classes are suitable for all ages and abilities. If you are a beginner or a yoga pro, you will benefit from our Yoga Class. We are an inclusive studio and encourage everyone to join in. If you are a Yoga novice, please be assured that we offerĀ  regressions of every posture to ensure that our class is accessible to everybody.

We encourage anybody looking to join our Yoga Class to book a place in advance. If you have any queries regarding our sessions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff are available to answer any questions you may have.


Our Warrington yoga class is easily accessible from; Widnes, Birchwood, Lymm, Appleton Thorn, Newton Le Willows, Bold Heath, Winwick, Walton, Higher Walton and more.