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Tuesday: 9:30am & 6pm

A handstand may seem like a simple move, but it is a feat of exceptional strength, balance and endurance.

In our handstand class, our trainees are taught the necessary equilibrium, core strength and control needed to perform a perfect handstand. We specialise the exercises in our handstand class to target specific muscle groups that are engaged when you are balancing your body weight on your hands. You will learn to master your body’s equilibrium and perform impressive manoeuvres, such as freestanding handstand press-ups.

At Body Project, we are Cheshires 1st and only dedicated calisthenics gym. We focus solely on bodyweight training and teach our clients to use their bodies as an accessory to sculpt their perfect physique. We challenge conventional fitness programme of weight lifting and cardio to give our clients an all-inclusive training regimen using nothing but their own body as resistance. Our comprehensive and progressive classes are designed to allow you to work outside of our sessions to maintain your progress.

Our dedicated Handstand Class is designed to help you to build the necessary strength and endurance to perform a competent handstand. We recommend this class for individuals who can comfortably perform press-ups. You will require a base level of upper body, shoulder and wrist strength to train for handstands. If you are unsure of your ability to keep up in this class, please contact our team before booking to discuss. You may be advised that our Calisthenics Class is a more suitable place to start.

All classes and sessions available at Body Project are inclusive and can be attended by people of all ages and abilities. We cater our classes to suit beginners to pro athletes and everyone in between. Our sessions are devoted to train and help you develop new skills that can better you in your everyday life. By attending a class at Body Project, you can build exceptional balance and body equilibrium.

All classes are limited to 10 attendees per class. This is to ensure that our instructors have adequate time with each student during the class. Due to this, we recommend that you book your place in advance.