Do I Need A Personal Trainer to Build Muscle? -Check Out Experts’ Opinion

It always looks relatively easy in the beginning. You think all you need to do is some seat-ups, push-ups, bench-presses and a few else at the gym. You probably read about how to build muscle mass working out alone or in a group on a reliable blog.

However, you have been following the rules for weeks or months without any good results. You are getting tired of the routine, and you want to quit.

Now you are back to square one, wondering, do I need a personal trainer to build muscle? The simple answer is yes. A personal trainer Warrington can help you reach your muscle mass goals faster with better results.

We have explained why it works this way. You will also find out what to look out for in a personal trainer for muscle mass building.

Why Do You Need A Personal Trainer to Build Muscle?

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The solid muscles of bodybuilders are always impressive. But what many don’t figure out is that this physique does not come from just working out. You need a targeted muscle mass building program with proper diet and rest.

Without any experience, you can get overwhelmed by all the several factors you need to put into consideration. The workout can also become tasking without an encourager. A personal trainer has the experience you need and can provide the needed guidance to achieving your goals.

What more do you need a personal trainer for?

1. You Need the Right Program

Many people think that you only need a training program when you want to lose weight. This assumption is wrong. An exercise program will help you build muscles in the right place with the desired proportions.

A certified personal trainer who has weightlifting experience or bodybuilding knowledge will know the type of exercise program fitted for your body type, time, and schedule.

The trainer would also teach you how to carry out the exercises in the program. You don’t have to worry about getting it right as he/she would show you how it is done.

2. You Need Motivation and Accountability

Personal motivation might only take you so far when it comes to bodybuilding. You might get to a point where it seems like too much work with little results. At this point, external motivation will make it easier for you to keep at the goal.

He/she would be there to ensure that you do that last rep, motivating you to do one more. You would also be motivated, knowing that there is someone who will ask about your exercise routine.

A personal trainer makes you more accountable and committed to achieving your goals. You won’t want to waste the money that you have paid for the training. The financial investment might be that extra motivation you need to wake up in the morning.

3. You Need Advice

Exercise is not the only thing you need to build your desired body mass. You need to watch your diet and rest properly. While most trainers are not certified nutritionists, in the line of their work, experienced personal trainers have come to understand macronutrients.

Your trainer can give you advise on the right carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and other nutrients. He/she could also advise you on the supplements that you can take make the best of your workouts.

Personal trainers would also advise you on adequate rest for your body. Muscles don’t develop in the gym as you might think. Your muscles grow when you rest. Your trainer will give you advise on the amount of rest you need.

4. You Need to be Challenged

You need to lift lots of weights to build muscle mass. You would find a personal trainer useful when you need someone to push your limits. A personal trainer can also act as a competitor in training sessions to not just show you how it is done, but also challenge you to do more.

He/she will help you get past your plateaus and open you to new exercise routines. You will soon start to discover muscles you probably didn’t know to exist.

4. You Avoid Injury

Working with a personal trainer helps you avoid getting injured. He/she helps you maintain the right form during exercise. Training to failure without adequate supervision can also lead to injuries. It involves training to failure where you can do the last rep due to fatigue.

Your trainer would guide you through training to failure appropriately and safely. He/she can ensure that you only start training to failure when you have enough muscle mass for it. Your trainer might also concentrate on one body part weekly for your safety.

You can’t get these benefits from solo or unsupervised group workout sessions. However, it is not just about having a personal trainer. You should choose a capable one.

What should you look out for in a personal trainer for muscle mass building? We have mentioned the most essential below.

  • Certified Trainer
  • Experienced in Mass Building Programs
  • Patient and Reliable
  • Affordable for your budget
  • Fits into your schedule

While there might be a few other things you want in your trainer, you can use this as a basic check-list.


Building muscles as an inexperienced person can be difficult without a personal trainer. The advantages of having one are clear from the points discussed above.