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A healthy lifestyle and physique have never been desired more. The public consciousness has shifted to favour healthier lifestyles that incorporate a comprehensive fitness regime.

Body Project is Cheshire’s 1st and only calisthenics dedicated gym. From the very beginning, our gym has challenged the norm by educating our clients in the principles of calisthenics and how it can help them to sculpt a dependable and robust physique. We understand that for many people, hours of monotonous weight lifting and cardio can dull their motivation and stall their progress. This is where calisthenics comes in.

Calisthenics is rooted in the practice of using one’s body weight as the resistance to build balance and strengthen muscles. When practising calisthenics, there is no need for weights, machinery or specialist equipment. Your body is designed to move in a range of ways. In calisthenics, we use your weight to train your body to burn fat and build muscle naturally and organically.

We help you to train for the body you want by using the body that you have. You can build a strong and balanced physique that is less susceptible to injury by training with our professional team at Body Project. Balance is vital to a healthy body, and you can achieve core strength and equilibrium by practising calisthenics.

We adapt our classes and training sessions to suit all ages and abilities. No matter what your goal is, our dedicated and experienced team can help you to achieve your physical goals. Calisthenics is an enjoyable way to become stronger and more mobile, no matter your fitness level. Our team believes that half the battle of developing a consistent and effective workout regimen is finding an exercise that is fun and enjoyable.

At Body Project, we cater to a diverse mix of abilities and pride ourselves on being able to provide for everyone. We run a variety of courses, classes and personal training packages that can be personalised to suit your requirement. Contact our team today start your fitness journey.