Cheshire’s premier calisthenics gym.

The BodyProject Calisthenics Gym based in Warrington offers comprehensive classes in calisthenics, handstand training and fitness conditioning. We also offer one-to-one personal training for those who really want to focus on a specific goal.

Classes are kept small, Members only, and you must book online. (Membership is free; to join, click the button below, create a password, and reply to the verification email).

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Timetable of Classes

7.00am calisthenics
9.30am calisthenics
5.00pm teens
6.15pm calisthenics
7.30pm calisthenics

7.00am caliburn
9.30am handstand
5.00pm teens
6.15pm handstand
7.30pm stretch & ice bath

7.00am calisthenics
9.30am calisthenics
5.00pm teens
6.15pm calisthenics
7.30pm calisthenics

6.00am caliburn
6.15pm handstand
7.30pm beginners calisthenics

7.00am calisthenics
9.30am calisthenics
5.00pm teens
6.15pm calisthenics

8.30am stretch & ice Bath
9.30 am set & reps

Sunday Closed

Personal one-to-one tuition is also available, contact Phil for details,

Calisthenics training equipment

Specialised Calisthenics training equipment

Based in Warrington, Cheshire
Established in 2017.
Moved to larger brand new gym November 2023.
Two Ice-Baths (the only ice-baths in the area.)
Specialised custom built gym equipment.
Classes just for Teens.
Open Gym (for anyone) sessions
Gong Therapy

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BodyProject gym

What is Calisthenics?

The cornerstone belief of Calisthenicsis is that your body is designed to carry your weight on a day to day basis and you can use your body weight to create resistance through a series of calculated movements and exercises. This helps to sculpt and build muscle while achieving your fitness goals, improve balance and leave yourself less susceptible to injury. We champion quality of movement over quantity. Our specialised classes and training sessions will help you to gain mobility, strength and flexibility.

Our Warringtonnic gym's atmosphere and training sessions are always friendly and welcoming. Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete (add a new and exciting work out regimen to your repertoire), you are guaranteed to find support at Body Project. All classes and training sessions can be catered to suit any age and ability. No matter what your goal, our fitness coaching team will offer you expert advice and guidance. If you have any questions regarding our services, classes or would like to know more about calisthenics, please contact us.

The Northwest's only Calisthenics Gym

With health and fitness being more relevant than ever many of us are looking for an activity that keeps us in shape. You could lift some weights and do some cardio, however this can be very monotonous and uninspiring! With Calisthenics training you unlock new skill sets that your body has the capability to do. Not only is this great to gain an athletic body and improve physical wellbeing, it is also extremely engaging and rewarding which is fantastic for your mental state and confidence.

Calisthenics is for you no matter what your age or current ability level, it is what your body is designed to do and the benefits both physically and mentally are endless. Once you start, you’ll wish you found it sooner.

BodyProject gym equipment

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The gym also hosts other sessions including Gong Therapy